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Fly Fishing: Knots, Rigs, & Leaders
This little guide is packed with easy to follow diagrams of knots and fly fishing rigs.
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If you are a trout fisherman you need The Winder. The Winder will allow you to quickly tie knots and change or repair leaders to keep up with the ever changing fishing conditions in the water. Simply put, it keeps you fishing longer.

With the patent pending winding & clamping technology The Winder makes perfect wrappings by rotating the tool making it easy to use. The Winder clamps on less than a ĹĒ of line to tighten knots, no more waste, and no more using your teeth. The Winder frees up that extra hand that you never had when tying knots. The Winder will tie a variety of knots. The Winder makes perfect Nail Knots that literally slide right onto your line.

Many fishing knots are time consuming and difficult to tie. Itís hard to learn to tie fishing knots from a diagram and even harder to tie knots like the Nail Knot or Blood Knot without some kind of knot tying tool. A diagram wonít show the critical factors of how to tie a knot, such as hand or line placement. Thatís why we have included The Winder: Fly Fishing Knots. This instructional DVD has easy to follow step by step instructions. Youíll learn to tie the 12 most important knots used in fishing.

The knowledge of making custom tapered leaders really comes in handy. The Winder comes with a chart filled with Custom Leader formulas and easy to follow instructions.

100% money back guarantee All of our tools come with a satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with any of our tools send it back and we will either replace it or refund your money.
"The Winder will be one of the most reliable fishing tools that you will ever own. This tool will save you time, money, and frustration. It comes with the Miles guarantee."

Chris Miles
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P.S. Remember The Winder comes with the TOTALLY RISK-FREE, LIFETIME, 100% money-back guarantee assuring you that The Winder is worth every single penny! What's better than that?! What's left to hold you back? Stop wasting your time and avoid the frustration of tying fishing knots get your Winder today!

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